CIVILCO is committed to achieve the highest practical standards of safety and environmental protection in all spheres of its operations. This concept is at the heart of the companies’ policy. The company ensures that all staff throughout the organization is well aware of safety procedure and its implementation. CIVILCO management actively encouraged the implementation and continuing review of Health, Safety and Environmental Standards. Whilst safety on site is the prime consideration, CIVILCO believes that successful safety procedures must embrace all of companies’ activities including its office, material and plant procurement operations. And also beliefs that good Health, Safety and Environmental protection can improve construction in terms of both efficiency and value.

CIVILCO recognizes the varying legislative requirements and will adopt these as the minimum required standard and the vital importance of discharging all its statutory obligations and placing Health & Safety matters as an over-riding priority.

CIVILCO adopts and promotes the “ZERO ACCIDENT PHILOSOPHY”. Our fundamental objective is to complete the Project with “ZERO ACCIDENT” through effective application of the procedure set forth in this manual, integrating safety into the planning and execution of work, training and education of employees.

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